Throughout the past several months due to Covid19 Pandemic, We have to adhere to the government authority’s safety guidelines. Safety and hygiene is a primary concern to all. We strictly follow the precautionary measures and expect the same with all the clients and guests resulting in Win-Win situation.


To confirm booking for our photography, videography, and other services, you are requested to pay an advance amount of 50% of the total project cost plus the travelling charges (if any). We follow a strict “first come first serve” policy. Without the advance payment, we cannot guarantee to block specific dates for you. The remaining balance of the total amount can be paid prior to the 1st day of the photo shoot, preferably two days in advance. We accept cash, cheque, and online transfer. We will share the transaction details once you confirm us your preferred mode of payment.


In general, our quotation does not include the cost of photo album printing. The cost of photo album printing depends on the number of photos, pages, and the type of the album you choose. We want to let you decide on that after your photo shoot is completed. We are tied up with India’s top photo album printing companies. We can offer amazing varieties of paper types and album covers. You can choose from the variety and then decide for a photo album printing. Kindly get in touch with us to know more details on this.


We will begin and end the photo shoot as per the timing discussed with you during the time of booking. If there is any extra hours of the shoot, this shall attract a nominal contingency fee. The contingency fee will be decided on the number of extra hours of the shoot and services opted. This additional fee must be paid on the day of the photo shoot.


The quality of the images and the videos highly depends on the weather conditions. Any natural but unforeseen occurrences that impacts the shoot such as rain for outdoor events, low light, venue that is not as described, crowd blocking the actual event, civil disturbance etc. may lack quality of service. It is difficult to replicate the images/videos found on the internet or other photographers. However, all possible efforts will be made to capture on special requests. During events like weddings, we request to provide us with sufficient time to capture all important moments.


Our aim is to capture every special moment from your events. However, sometimes we may be unable to capture certain moments due to the following circumstances-
• Photographer may be busy capturing other special moments.
• Photographer is not aware of client’s every family members or relatives.
• Unavailability of space.
• Distraction due to other photographers who are not a part of our team.
• It may not be always possible to get close shots of all the close relatives in the event. If you wish to have them covered at your wedding, our conventional photographer is always available.


Client will be responsible for payment of all expenses incurred up to the time of cancellation of the assignment, plus 50 percent of Photographer's fee. However, if notice of cancellation is given less than two (2) business days before the shoot date, Client will be charged 100 percent fee. All cancellations must be in writing. Likewise, requests for rescheduling the photo shoot shall be intimated to us well in advance of the initial agreed date. In case of delayed intimation, we may not guarantee booking on your preferred new dates.


The photographers and the client hold equal rights on the photographs/video. We retain copyright to all the images and will use some of the images and video on our website, portfolio, social media, exhibitions, and competitions for promoting our work. This would give a first-hand impression of work to future clients like you. However, we will assure you, not to use any of your images or videos for any other purposes without your permission.


If you are looking for multiple photographers and videographers, we recommend to book within Pixbricks as we have good rapport with our team members. If there are any other photographers/videographers (who are not a part of Pixbricks team), they must be briefed to cooperate with our team members. As candid photography and cinematography concentrates on special moments, subjects and detailing, there are chances that our crew members will appear on other team’s camera frames and vice-versa. Any guests or family members behaves rudely or threatens to the photographers during the event, the situation should be handled by you. We believe to maintain professionalism of high standards and expect the same from all our clients. If there are any unavoidable circumstances, entire crew will leave the premises with no further photo shoot. There shall also be no refund of any fees.


We are a team based in Bangalore. For any events/venue outside Bangalore, all the travel expenses and accommodation must be taken care by the client for the entire crew. If there are any events happening during the late night and the next event is scheduled in the early morning, accommodation must be taken care by the client for the entire crew. This is applicable for Bangalore events as well.


Photos and videos will be delivered only after post processing and editing. 120-150 photos per event will be edited. This might take up to 5 to 7 weeks from last date of the event. We totally understand that you will be eagerly waiting for your photos and videos. However, we want to ensure to provide you with the best quality of services. We request you to patiently wait for your precious photos and videos. Photos and videos will be uploaded and shared online. If possible, photos and videos will be transferred to client’s hard disk/pendrive/laptop. All photos and videos to be downloaded by the client on their system. We recommend having multiple copies offline as a backup within two weeks from the date of delivery. Please note: We will be deleting all photos and videos on our system once we have shared your images and videos. There will not be any backup copy with us. Raw images and footages will not be shared. If you need raw images and footages, there will be additional charges depending upon the number of photos and footages and events.


We will be choosing best candid photos and footages for post processing. Editing will not be done for the conventional photos. If you have any background scores in mind that you need us to be using for traditional or cinematic video, it must be discussed and shared before the event. There will not be any re-edits. Please note: For the wedding cinematic video, we concentrate on the best moments like emotions, subjects, and detailing. Capturing moments of the close relatives is not guaranteed here. However, every possible effort will be made to cover all your close relatives by our traditional photographers and videographers.

Have more questions?

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