HELLO, I AM Guru Chethan

Life is all about happiness and fun is the only way to ensure it. I am crazy about travelling; and wouldn’t mind visiting the same place again, but can’t be home all-time. My entire leave from the bucket is lost mostly on travel.

I always felt the memory would be incomplete If I couldn’t capture as many details possible to cherish the moment almost entirely again. Videos bring back almost the exact moment more than still photos, and hence I chose cinematography over photography. It requires a lot of preparation and there is a lot of risk, coz I get only one shot and there is no replay in real. There is always only one chance and if I goof-up then all goes right to the bin, effortlessly. Playing drums and capturing videos used to be my primary hobby. I chose cinematography over drums to take it to the next level professionally. Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to enhance my cinematic skills. The building blocks of my practice include: bright colors, capturing magical moments of amazing people, edit videos which suits best to their character. If there was a party/celebration I am involved, there is no chance I would have missed capturing the video. I try to capture almost every moment and keep a backup of files on multiple location and then start editing. Since I am this organized, I thought why not exploit this. I attended camps, learnt cinematography from the basics and did a lot of experiment and came with the thought of having a venture. Although it was an idea initially, along with Manju we colored the entire idea to reality to name it Pixbricks.

HELLO, I AM Manjunath

World isn’t all about Human and human development, It is about co-existing amongst the other living beings

All living and non-living beings together form this eco system - by the time I realized this and my interest to promote the awareness of this, I had already sent a mail to my manager, requesting for the last working day in IT. I am an engineer from academics but my actual education started when I began to explore the nature. Visiting various forests, habitats, camps, connecting with like minded people opened a huge Pandora box of curiosity and excitement to explore more. Photography was always a way of bringing back the moment what I saw to my friends, family and of course Facebook (that covers technically the entire globe, I guess). I am specialized in Birds and reptile species; and these creatures demand a lot of waiting to pose for my camera – and this is how I learnt to be patient. I always fancied the thought being an artist. Way before even I start my graduation I had a passion of studying bikes, cars and cameras although I didn't have one for myself. Once I started diving deeply into photography, I did not realize the time fly and I had travelled a lot ahead to be an artist. I have worked in multiple projects, some for government and some for non-governmental set-up. More than a year I did multiple Candid projects for free. When my friend, Guru came with a thought of having a venture for creative photography, I knew I was all ready for it.


The name has a simple explanation inspired by technology. Pixel, a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed - "The camera scans photographs and encodes the image into pixels". Pixel in short is “Pix” and arranged like bricks to complete an image and hence the name “Pixbricks”. Single such image capturing methodology is Photography and continuously capturing similar images with an in-significant interval is Cinematography.

There is no unique story behind the formation of this venture and hence not much to write about it, hence we shall keep it brief and concise. PIXBRICKS is a visual arts firm based out of Bangalore, but available throughout India and globally. The idea was launched in early 2015 and officially launched the website in 2016. Guru Chethan and Manjunath, both from Bangalore are the founders. PixBricks offers complete service with contemporary photography and cinematography for regular/big- fat weddings, outdoor shoot, corporate events, product-release and commercial photography. PixBricks is a team of hand-picked photographers and cinematographers for capturing candid as well as conventional moments. If you want to capture all those moments which could be cherished every time when ever desired throughout your life, then you are in the right place! At PixBricks, we believe in keeping things simple, giving perfect shots, with no hassles and no regrets.