About Manjunath- The Founder

My patience and creativity helped me lay down the foundation for Pixbricks. Drawn by my patience towards nature, I quit my job and started my trip to forests and nature camps. Being close to nature, I moved towards my journey to meet like-minded people. On my trips to forests, I discovered my love for photography.

Photography was that one connection that drew me closer to nature. I became keen on capturing fleeting moments, flying birds and slowly moving reptiles because they stop for none. There started my love for candid moments, which eventually helped me develop the patience you see in me today.

My love for nature, capturing reptiles and birds, eventually gave birth to the artistic Manjunath. In order to explore this side of mine, I started my journey towards it by taking photography projects. I worked with really uplifting and humble clients. And I eventually took the step forward to start Pixbricks.

My world has taken a 360-degree turn ever since I started Pixbricks. A guy who was earlier toggling between 9 to 5 is now happily indulging in exploring his patience. With like-minded teammates, I take a step forward with every event. To say the least, I learn something new every day!

Do you wish to have a fulfilling experience like all of us? Well, that's when you contact Pixbricks.

About Pixbricks

At Pixbricks, we make moments come to life with a lens of patience and creativity. We add an artistic touch to all the cherished moments of your lives so that every time you revisit them, you have something to smile about.

Our name is derived from the fusion of the two main components and words of the photography industry- 'pix' from pixels and 'bricks' from forming an image. Photography is the fusion of pix and bricks, and we work on building it from scratch to the top.

Based in Bangalore, we conceived the idea of forming Pixbricks in 2015, and it was in 2016 that the idea was brought to life. We offer a wide range of services, from outdoor shoots to corporate events and more. What's best is that we capture the images for the beautifully crafted moments as we take the most cherished and enjoyed candid moments.

We believe in quality and, thus, bestow the same in everything we do. Before we move ahead with the requirement, we make sure to cater to all your needs. We discuss the techniques and equipment you would need. Built from scratch, at Pixbricks, we use only cutting-edge technology for capturing images. Our team uses high-end mirrorless Sony cameras with G-master lenses to help you get across the best images.

While we use the best equipment, we are also a team of dedicated professionals with artistic vision who believe the photographs we create will elevate the experience of cherishing memories to the next level.

More than capturing images, we focus on creating memories through the photos that will evoke emotions that last for a long time. Whether it's casual photography, wedding photography or high-end wedding photography, at Pixbricks, we cover it all. Combining passion and soul, we help to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Right Time, Right Shot

At Pixbricks, we believe in the concept of the right time, right shot. Whether it's planned photography or candid, capturing the moment at the right time can play an important role in enhancing the impact. Thus, we do that for you. Since our team of experts will vary depending on your event's requirements, we make sure that one person is present at every time to capture the perfect shot.

With a team of experts, we make sure to keep things simple while bringing forth the perfect shots. It's no hassle as long as we're able to capture the perfect shot. You bestow your faith in us, and we make your dreams come true.

We're Building a Growing Legacy

Over the years, Pixbricks has served over 200 clients delivering more than 2 lakh pictures. We are thankful for the support of our clients, who have been the driving force behind our growth. We are more than your regular photography company; we celebrate the birth of life, artistry and love.

Our growth over the years has only motivated us to push forward. So, we are moving forward with a dedicated team to bring the best to the table. No matter what your requirements are, we ensure that we are able to deliver the best to you. We transform the memories into timeless treasures. With our growing legacy, we will create visual symphonies that will strike a chord with your heart for the years to come.