HELLO, I AM Guru Chethan

I am someone who pays attention to the details. I always felt that memories are incomplete if I did not pay enough attention to the details. The little things are the ones which make the moments alive all over again. Videos are close to my heart. The reason being, they bring the exact moments back to life. That is why I am more of a cinematographer than a photographer. Being a cinematographer involves a lot of risk. If I miss a moment, I cannot gain them back. When you see me at an event, you will see me on my toes trying my best to capture a moment at its best. I love cinematography as it brings the finest person in me. I used to be passionate about playing drums along with capturing precious moments. I found an intense connect with the latter and decided to take it a step up professionally. Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to enhance my cinematic skills. I am a learner for life. This quality has helped me explore more of cinematography. I have attended various cinematography workshops and I have experimented a lot in this field. The building blocks of my practice include having vibrant colours in the frame, capturing magical moments with amazing people, and editing videos that enhance the essence of the elements. With such creativity inside me, I was looking for an opportunity to serve the people who love making memories. Therefore, I collaborated with Manju, my dear friend to start Pixbricks. I knew Manju and I would be a great team together. We have never disappointed a single client till date. We are committed to what we do, and we always give our time to seize your moments for a lifetime.

HELLO, I AM Manjunath

If you meet me, I come across as a patient person. There is a story behind why I became a patient man. One day, I had a realization that nature is everything. In this moment, I decided to quit my job. I wanted to explore more of nature and be one with them. I started visiting forests, nature camps and began connecting with like-minded people. When I visited forests, I loved to try photography. I felt that photography got me closer to nature. I wanted to capture the movements of birds and reptiles. You may be good at photography, but birds and reptiles do not stop to pose for you. You need to wait for a candid moment from them to capture their movement. It is here that I developed a lot of patience. I was ready to wait in a single place without moving just find a precious pose from the birds and reptiles. The same birds and reptiles taught me that I was an artist. I wanted to explore more of my artistic side. I began extensively travelling and started taking free candid photography projects. All my clients appreciated my patience and gave me a sense of fulfilment. Just when I was thinking of taking my artistic skills to a next professional level, I got a call from Chethan. It was almost serendipitous. We agreed to start ‘Pixbricks’ in unison and so far, we are going great as a team. When you meet us, you will know what great teammates are like. We bring the best in each other, just the way, we bring the best of your special moments to life.


Pixbricks is where you will fall in love with your captured special moments. The name Pixbricks is purely inspired by digital imaging technology. ‘Pixel’ in short ‘Pix’ is a minute area of illumination on a display screen. It is just one of the many areas from which an image is composed. Every pix is arranged like a ‘brick’ to form an image. Photography is entirely capturing pix and bricks and forming beautiful images. Rapid sequence of successive images is known as cinematography. We are team Pixbricks – Guru Chethan and Manjunath. We are passionate about capturing precious moments and that is why we started ‘Pixbricks’. There is no unique story behind the formation of this venture and hence not much to talk about it, hence we shall keep it brief and concise. Pixbricks is a visual arts firm based out of Bangalore, but available throughout India and globally. The idea was launched in early 2015 and officially launched the website in 2016. Guru Chethan and Manjunath, both from Bangalore are the founders. Pixbricks offers complete service with contemporary photography and cinematography for regular/big-fat weddings, outdoor shoot, corporate events, product, architecture and commercial photography. We also have a team of hand-picked photographers and cinematographers for capturing candid as well as conventional moments. If you want to capture all those moments which could be cherished every time whenever desired throughout your life, then you are in the right place! At Pixbricks, we believe in keeping things simple, giving perfect shots, with no hassles.